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tour de mont blanc self guided

Whether to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided or guided is one of the first and biggest decisions you need to make after you’ve decided to trek the Tour du Mont Blanc.

In fact, over the last few years, another popular alternative option has become available to TMB hikers – the ‘self guided package’.

Self guided packages allow you to choose from a number of set TMB itineraries, give detailed trail information, and include accommodation bookings. Customised itineraries, according to individual needs can be created for extra dosh. Some also provide mobile map apps to help guide you along the Tour du Mont Blanc trail. I discuss who I believe is the best company for Tour du Mont Blanc self guided packages below.

We discuss the three options below of how you can hike the Tour du Mont Blanc below:

1. Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided independently

Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided is actually quite easy. It’s definitely not necessary to hire an independent Tour du Mont Blanc guide or go with one of the many guided tour companies that ply the route because the trail is very well marked. Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided independently is very easy to do if the weather is kind. The official TMB site has an interactive map which can help you plan your trip and you can also book many of the refuges through the site (although note many of the best refuges Bonatti, Lac Blanc to name a few need to be booked privately).

However, of course favourable weather cannot be depended on, particularly in the mountains so if you are planning to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided, you do need to be prepared. Mountain weather is very changeable. Bad weather can appear very quickly so make sure if you’re intending to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided, that you are equipped with a compass, map and whistle – and know how to use them. Check the weather regularly on the run up to your departure day to make sure there are no storms predicted, and set off early each morning as thunder storms tend to gather late afternoon in the Alps particularly in July and August.

I would also highly recommend using an offline GPS app such as Gaia GPS so you can easily see where you are on the trail even if you have no phone signal. Offline GPS apps really are an excellent way to keep safe and I can’t recommend them enough. You need to download the maps before you depart and always, obviously, have your phone charged whilst you’re on the trail so that you can see your position at all times. Make sure you have a power bank on your packing list. You can read our article on why every Tour du Mont Blanc hiker should download the Gaia GPS app here.

Walking the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided does require quite a bit of planning. You need to get acquainted with the trail, choose how far you want to trek each day and then book the accommodation accordingly. It can be quite hard to get your head around the trail initially. One of my biggest tips is to invest in a 3D relief map of Mont Blanc. You can find them for as little as €17.00. They really give you a sense of the elevation on each stage and can help you plan better, especially if you want to veer away from the standard 11 days to shorten or fast track stages.

One huge advantage of hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided independently is the cost. It’s way cheaper than taking a guided tour. Camping along the trail can slash your Tour du Mont Blanc budget by more than half although it’s a lot of extra effort in carrying your camping gear and is a slightly different experience as wild camping is only permitted in France so on some stages you might need to backtrack to find official campsites.

I would say that most people would be absolutely fine to trek the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided independently. The trail is well worn and very busy. There are refuges every 5km along the route. Unless you are really worried to trek independently, there is no need to book a guided tour. However a self guided assisted trek may be a better option for those who want the stress out of booking the refuges & are much more convenient having some other reassuring extras – we discuss this further down this article in No 3 – you can jump to it here No 3 Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc with a Self Guided Package

Independent trekkers that might like to talk through the trail day by day over an interactive map (screen sharing) with me can now book a 1 hour zoom call consultation with me. I can give you the low down on each stage giving you trail tips and general advice. I’m also happy to look over your itinerary to see whether there’s anything glaringly out of place.

tour de mont blanc trail

2. Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc with a guide via a tour company

The plus side of hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc with a tour company is that it’s so much easier. You really don’t have to do anything at all, apart from your own physical preparation for the TMB.

The tour operator will arrange your pick up from the airport (Geneva, 1hr away), arrange all the luggage transfers between the huts and is guaranteed to give you peace of mind if you’re a worry wart. A professional guide will lead you and will know exactly what to do should an emergency arise.

Another huge plus of hiking with a tour group is the extra information you will glean on your surroundings from your guide. Your guide will be well versed in the history of the trail, the flora and fauna, the villages and the people.

If you’re trekking solo and want to meet other hikers or just want more of a social aspect to your trek, being part of a tour group definitely has an appeal. Remember though – this is a tough hike. Group tours try to bag together hikers of the same level but this can be difficult. You might find it hard to keep up with the group if you’re not at the same fitness level or you could find that the group is too slow for you and get frustrated. In general however the guides are very good and accommodating to all level of hikers.

Booking a TMB guided tour is for hikers who want a bit of extra reassurance, want to learn more from a local expert, are looking for a more social experience. My first recommendation for those who want to book a guided trek would be local company Adventure Base who I work with on self guided assisted treks. Guided treks do get booked out quickly so my advice is to book well in advance. My readers do get expedited through the booking process though with Adventure Base so it’s worth mentioning you’ve come through this website. Readers also get free hiking pole hire using this code TMBHPOLE.

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3. Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc with a self guided package

A new popular way to trek the Tour du Mont Blanc is with a self guided package. Providing the wealth of knowledge necessary to plan your own trek, these third party companies offer a number of set itineraries for you to choose from, or they can custom build an itinerary for you bespoke according to your needs.

The huge advantage of this option is that all the planning is done for you. Once you’ve chosen your itinerary, the company will book your accommodation, so all you really need to do is rock up and be fit enough.

This option allows for independent hiking and is perfect for those who don’t have the time, or just don’t want to get bogged down in the detail of trek planning and who don’t want to be in a large group. You get the freedom of hiking at your own pace, without strangers and it’s much more stress free than planning it yourself. Of course this service comes at a slightly higher price than if you were to trek completely independently so if you’re trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc on a budget this would not be an option for you.

If you are considering this a TMB self guided package option then of course you’ll want to research which is the best company for the Tour du Mont Blanc?

There are many Tour du Mont Blanc companies however in my experience the best company for the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided packages would be Adventure Base, a local company in Chamonix.

I am now working exclusively with Adventure Base to power the self guided itineraries that I have carefully planned for trekkers. If this is an option you’d like to explore, you can choose from the various itineraries depending on your fitness, time frame and how many hours you want to hike per day. I’ve planned two family Tour du Mont Blanc itineraries with much shorter stages to help with little legs for families hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc. I’ve also include several itineraries for super fit trekkers/fast packers and an itinerary for adventure seekers set on on staying in high mountain huts and of course the full 11 day Tour du Mont Blanc itinerary, a variant TMB itinerary (which as the names suggests follows all the variant trails) and the half tour itineraries too. You can view all the itineraries here.

These itineraries have been built by myself and can be either trekked completely independently or if you want help booking the refuges, arranging airport & baggage transfers as well being able to store luggage in Chamonix and have someone meet you in Chamonix and have 24hr assistance if required on the trail – you can book them as a SELF GUIDED OPTION or guided. Adventure Base are based in Chamonix and have a wealth of experience trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc and as I said I believe them to be the best company for Tour du Mont Blanc trekkers who want to take the stress out of organising their TMB trek.

Please note that our 2023 self guided treks are now completely sold out. However we are now taking bookings for 2024. Click on our itineraries page, scroll to the itinerary you are interested in, and you’ll find a red BOOK NOW FOR 2024 button. You can pay a deposit now and pay for the rest of the trek 10 weeks before.

So which should I choose?

Lets face it, it’s far more adventurous (and a fraction of the cost) to choose the independent trekking option. It’s a very easy route to follow and for me personally, planning is half the fun of the adventure.

But everyone is different. Age, fitness and attitude will determine your options, as well as budget.

  • If budget isn’t an issue, you want peace of mind and to meet other hikers – choose the guided tour
  • If you want to trek independently but don’t want to plan it all out – choose the self guided package.
  • If you’re trekking on a shoestring, are an experienced hiker or are an adventurous soul – do it independently.


  • Renee Barthelman
    July 16, 2022 at 12:15 pm

    I am interested doing a self-guided package. Where do I start?

    • tourdumontblanchike
      July 17, 2022 at 6:13 am

      Hi Renee I work with Adventure Base, a local company in Chamonix, to operate my self guided packages. With self guided packages you can choose from my set itineraries which I’ve carefully planned or they can customise one for your requirements. Most start in Les Houches but not necessarily depending on the time you want to trek for or what say what highlights you wanted to see depending again on the length of your trek. I’ll ping you an email now direct with more info. Best. Mags

      • Patty
        November 24, 2022 at 12:19 am

        i am looking for a lower mileage per day trip. Closer to 5 to 6 miles per day. I am looking for around a 4-5 day trip also. Can you help me find an itinerary like this?
        Thank You,
        Patty Wurm

  • Stanley
    January 6, 2023 at 8:23 am

    Hi Meg,
    Happy New Year.
    Thanks for all the information but I have not read your link articles yet due to time constraints but will do so if we meet certain basic conditions and consider doing it. I hope you can answer my following questions:
    1)How much will a self guided tour cost per person and will be if cheaper if we are a group?
    2)Can someone without mountain climbing experience or training do this trip? Do you think it’s more or less strenuous compared to the Annapurna Circuit or Everest Base Camp trek?
    3)Is there any peak or low peak season that my affect the cost?
    4)How far ahead must we book for the accomodations?
    Any answer will be.much appreciated.

    • tourdumontblanchike
      January 12, 2023 at 2:24 pm

      Hi Stanley. It is not necessary for people hiking the TMB to have mountain climbing experience. There are certain variants (stage 8 variant Col du Fenetre that I would not advise to anyone who is not comfortable with more challenging mountain terrain as this route crosses a boulder field). In general the standard route is a well trodden, well signposted path. On stage 10 the standard route includes a series of 13 metal ladders which in practice is not really an issue (it sounds scarier than it is – unless of course you suffer from vertigo. In this case there is an alternative route you take to avoid the ladders.

      I haven’t done the Annapurna Circuit or EBC trek – I’m hoping to do it this year so I can’t comment on that. The altitude would certainly be easier – at no point will you be struggling for breath however the ups and downs are constant and many people underestimate the elevation gain per day.

      You should be booking now if you haven’t done so – many of the refuges are already full. The shoulder seasons are last half of June and September however June normally has snow on the trail in some sections. Sept is a lovely time to hike however public transport options will have stopped if you were looking to use these to cut your trail times. Sept normally has lovely weather with much less storms than August.

      Cost wise no it wouldn’t be cheaper as a group unfortunately – the prices of the refuges are set and don’t change whether its shoulder season or peak season. I use Adventure Base, a local company, for all my self guided treks. They/We have stopped taking bookings for summer 2023 now as the availably in the refuges are now so restricted or full. Adventure Base are taking my bookings for 2024 though so if you contact them direct mention my name. They are taking bookings without a deposit for 2024.

      Hope this info helps. Best. Mags

  • David Felton
    March 8, 2023 at 8:31 am

    Hi Mags – do you this hike is possible in mid-May ’23? Thanks

    • tourdumontblanchike
      March 9, 2023 at 1:13 am

      Hi David no the official opening date of the trail is 14 June and then it can have snow on it for the first couple of weeks in particular areas. The ski season goes on into May so as you can imagine there still is a lot of snow then. Best. Mags

  • Øyvind Nilsen
    March 26, 2023 at 11:00 am

    Hi Meg,
    I am planning to do a self-guided on Tour du Mont Blanc this summer but only have one week for disposal. 22 July to 28 july. Do you have any packages for running approximately 35-50 km pr day with available refuges?
    Best regards,
    Øyvind Nilsen

    • tourdumontblanchike
      April 17, 2023 at 11:56 pm

      Hi Øyvind sorry for the late reply. Hopefully you are sorted now? July is almost fully booked – it’s very hard to get around the trail now. I have some zoom clients, some runners, plan a route around in July where they are camping two nights and the rest in refuges. If you’d like assistance planning this you can contact me on for a private zoom consultation. Thanks. Mags

  • Elizabeth
    April 10, 2023 at 6:30 am

    Is the only way to do the circuit via refuges or camping? If refuges are full, is it an option to stay in a nearby town instead?

    • tourdumontblanchike
      April 17, 2023 at 11:52 pm

      Hi Elizabeth. Absolutely it’s an option. For example at the bottle neck at Les Chapieux you can order a taxi to go down to the town of Bourg St Maurice which is around 20 minutes down the valley.

  • Brad Muender
    June 13, 2023 at 8:15 pm

    Quick question… if I want to book a self guided tour would I book with you or Adventure Base? I wasn’t sure if you are separate companies or if you are working together.

  • Kelly
    August 7, 2023 at 9:59 am

    Like to receive updates via email


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