There are 11 stages to the Tour du Mont Blanc. The classic Tour du Mont Blanc itinerary follows a stage a day so would take 11 days to complete. However the classic Tour du Mont Blanc itinerary means long days on the trail (7-10 hours each day depending on speed, number of rest stops and fitness). Many folk prefer to split the trail into two parts and tackle them on consecutive years which works well doing half the trail one year and the second half the next year. Other trekkers may wish to trek shorter days and take more than 11 days breaking the trail up into 14 days or whatever works for them. Others choose simply not to hike the whole trail at all and just pick some of the best bits.

The great thing about the Tour du Mont Blanc trail compared to other famous hut to hut treks is that it is very accessible – you can pick up the trail at numerous various points and trek for 3-4 days which is fantastic if you only have a limited number of days. A three, four or five day Tour du Mont Blanc itinerary can still allow you to marvel at some of most incredible views of Mont Blanc.

Below I have planned various Tour du Mont Blanc itineraries below for you to choose from depending on:

  • your fitness
  • time frame
  • the number of hours you want to hike per day
  • the month you want to trek (variants cannot be trekked early season (June until approx July 7th) apart from variant 1 via the Col du Tricot)


All Tour du Mont Blanc itineraries which include variants (apart from the Col du Tricot variant 1) should not be attempted early season due to snow. I do not say this lightly – there have been deaths on the trail early season with trekkers not realising the danger. Early season is generally considered the last two weeks of June into the first week of July although it does fluctuate according to how much snow fell during the winter and the spring melt rate. Some of my itineraries have variants specified so these should ONLY be trekked in the peak trekking season or by swapping to the traditional route in the stages where variants are specified.

Choose from all my itineraries below. I include two family Tour du Mont Blanc itineraries with much shorter stages to help with little legs for families hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc but these can also be used for trekkers who simply want shorter stages. These can be shortened even more if necessary during July and August with the extra transport available (cable cars, shuttle buses etc).

I’ve also include several Tour du Mont Blanc itineraries for super fit trekkers/fast packers and an itinerary for adventure seekers set on on staying in high mountain huts and of course the classic 11 day Tour du Mont Blanc itinerary. There is also a variant TMB itinerary (which as the names suggests follows all the variant trails) and the half tour itineraries too. Again you need to consider the month you plan to trek as you could not trek the variant itinerary or the adventure itinerary in June or the first week of July.

These itineraries have been built by myself and can be either trekked completely independently and most of my itineraries can also be booked self guided (meaning your accommodation is booked for you but you trek without a guide).

If you want to have a fully guided option this generally is the 4 day and 11 day standard itineraries. There are only a couple of slots left for 2024 – click here to find out more and check availability.

I now work exclusively with Adventure Base to power my guided and self guided itineraries. Adventure Base are based in Chamonix and have a wealth of experience trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc. We work closely together to ensure your TMB trek is unforgettable for the right reasons. Of course don’t forget anyone can use my itineraries to trek independently which was the whole reason this website was built! For independent trekkers I offer zoom calls for extra guidance or for help in the planning stages.

Self Guided

‘Self guided treks’ are a great option if you want to be independent on the trail but want to take the stress out of organising the trek from scratch. The majority of my itineraries you can now book self guided. What does that mean?
The most frustrating element of the Tour du Mont Blanc is undoubtedly booking the refuges! This is all taken care of when you book self guided – you’ll pay a fraction more than planning the trail completely independently but without the stress of booking the refuges. You’ll be able to add optional extras such as having airport & baggage transfers arranged as well as your arrival night and last night’s hotel bookings in Chamonix. You’ll have a pre-departure debrief either in person or virtually to discuss weather & trail conditions plus you’ll have the reassurance of 24hr emergency assistance on the trail & instant messaging through the Vamoos app to the Adventure Base team. Since Covid we have seen unprecedented levels of trekkers on the trail so we advise you to book early to secure your reservation for 2025. I suggest contacting us in September of this year (or earlier) to make sure you have the best chance of getting the best accommodation on the trail, particularly if you want private rooms.

we are no longer taking self guided reservations for 2024 but you can now make 2025 reservations by clicking through on the book now buttons on each itinerary

Tour du Mont Blanc Itineraries

available self guided

Epic Mont Blanc – a long weekend (2.5-3 days)

dedicated Chamonix TMB stages taking in some of the most spectacular scenery, including Lac Blanc

French-Italian TMB – 4 days

discover the best of the French-Italian TMB

Family friendly – 4.5 days

Some of the most spectacular scenery on the tour. Suitable for families from age 8+

Half TMB tour France – Italy Family friendly – 6 days

First half of the tour from Chamonix to Courmayeur. Perfect for families we’ve cut it into shorter more manageable chunks for little legs. From age 8.

Turbo TMB – 4 days

Fast packing the TMB from Chamonix to Chamonix



To run through an itinerary or just chat about the trek you can book a 60 minute zoom or if you’d like to go through your itinerary day by day and walk through the trail I have an longer 90 minute zoom where I share my screen and you can see your route on an interactive TMB trail map. I will be available most days throughout February and March for zoom sessions. Please book by clicking the button below, selecting which length of zoom session, making payment and then emailing me to arrange a convenient time to chat. At this moment in time, PLEASE do not just pay for a zoom consultation if YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCOMMODATION BOOKED. If you have not booked any huts for 2024, please send me an email first.

Rapid TMB – 6 days

Complete TMB for trail runners or fast packers

7 day TMB

hike the entire TMB in just a week

refuge plan glacier

Adventurous TMB 9 days

this itinerary offers the best high mountain hut experience

9 day TMB Variant

get away from the crowds & experience the route less trodden

tour du mont blanc itinerary 9 days

Traditional TMB – 11 days

the full circuit taking the traditional 11 days